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Fastener Assembly Machinery with Prefeeding, CCD Sorting, Counting and Packaging Unit

- Rivet & Mandrel Assembly
- Screw & Washer Assembly
- Screw & Belt Assembly
- Screw & Anchor Assembly .....
Fastener Assembly Machinery
Terminal Soldering / Assembly Machinery with CCD Sorting, Counting, and Packaging Unit

- Terminal Soldering
- Terminal & Tubing Assembly
- Terminal & Tape Assembly
- Clip & Nail Assembly .....
Terminal Assembly Machinery

Sealing / Lock / Oil Resistance

- EPDM (Conductive) Bonded Washer
- EPDM (Thermosetting) BAZ washer
- Serrated Washer wrapped with rubber
- EPDM / Neoprene Oil Seals
- EPDM (insulated) Cut Washer .....

Sealing Washer Category
Quick Wiring Installation

- Butt Splice (window, step-down, insu..
- Quick Splice (non-stripping 4 poles...)
- Cable Lug (high voltage, dual holes..)
- Closed-End (copper / aluminum inse..
- Wire Nut (quick twisted, multiple wire..
- Heat Shrink Connector (water proof..
Wire Connector Category

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